Our Instructors


Mike Kasper


Mike brings extensive experience and training to the armed citizens of Mid-Michigan.  Certified as an NRA Personal Protection Instructor and USCCA Instuctor & Training Counselor, Mike has a history of training not only students but also certifies instructors as well.  Additionally as a graduate of MAG - 40, Mike has earned his stripes in civilian rules of engagement from none other than Massad Ayoob himself!  Mike is also a graduate of the Andrew Branca Law of Self Defense course.  

Mike has used his background and experience to enhance our course offerings in both the firearms, as well as legal use of force categories


Doug Young

 Doug Young is a combat veteran from operation desert storm he is also a sponsored competition shooter, where he competes in Multi-gun, IDPA, and USPSA.  He is also a certified NRA and USCCA firearms instructor as well as an instructor in Emergency First Aid. Doug travels all over the country shooting competition matches with his shooting team which he is team captain. Doug also belongs to Saginaw Valley Survival  where is a training instructor for combat pistol.   Doug has a passion for educating today's armed citizens and always goes the extra mile to ensure students get the most out of their training.


Josh Bumgarner

Josh is an Army Veteran, an avid hunter and marksman, and a certified USCCA firearms instructor.  Josh has made it his mission to share his knowledge and promote firearms safety for many years not only through teaching formal classes, but also through peer and youth mentoring.  He is an advocate of all shooting disciplines, and brings passion to everything he does.